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  • Redefine Processes with Latest Technologies

    Choices and needs of your customers may change every day and so are your business processes. Existing processes can become a bottleneck while coping up with new market. In quick succession a business will need to revise its processes and methods. Meet some of the industry leaders with who we have worked with.

  • Discover cost Optimisation Opportunities

    Cost and time are important factors for any business. Rather than relying on specific technology, platform or service provider you may prefer to compare the cost effective alternative and solutions at ECSATECH. Meet some collaborations which have optimized their time and budget with us.


Introducing ExStudio

ExStudio is primarily founded under ECSTECH as concept exploring division which later became integral part of every projects team. From building a proof of concept to development of that concept, ExStudio worked on very different range of projects. Needless to say It has now become a best practice at ECSATECH to follow the guidelines dictated by ExStudio. ExStudio also actively gets involved in each project and records the knowledge learned in the form of useful white papers.


ExStudio follows a sophisticated method of researching to find answers of complex problem but solving a problem is not enough in all cases. As per the requirement of a project. ExStudio attempts to reorganize the problem to find out the alternatives which can become very productive for redefining the business process.

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