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Programming as engineering

Beyond the traditional culture of  software development regime where every line of code is written for development, change request or big fixes, ECSATECH is specifically looking for opportunities of blending computer science and programming introducing some added value by carefully engineering the implemented system. It will open up possibilities of harnessing new technologies like Internet of things (IoT), Robotics, Machine Learning, Data science, Augmented reality for customers business needs. 

A well engineered software solution turns out profitable beyond the contract period by minimizing defects and availing scalability as well as agility for customer. While customer enjoys benefit of this system, upcoming projects can take advantage of knowledge earned by greatly reducing learning curve in their implementation.

ECSATECH ExStudio is unit of technology experts who are always ready to experiment and amaze customers with new possibilities.


Our approach

At ECSATECH, approach is to utilize customers feedback to shape a project and maximize productivity.

As a first stage to start any project, we emphasis on thorough analysis of the concept, engage SME's, develop prototypes. All these methods will reduce risk and help visualizing the output.  We encourage customers to actively become part of every development stage.

Through entire development cycle, we try to learn and understand the business model in depth which makes testing more productive. Take a deeper look at our project development approach.

Who we are

ECSATECH is technology oriented organisation focusing on real world applications. It is founded and growing with vision of building intelligent systems for businesses from different domains.

We welcome any opportunity of solving complex problems irrespective of scale and implementing the practical solutions. Skills required for most of the industrial problems may not be limited to technical expertise, they also demand organisational skill, better accounting and researching. Team at ECSATECH is built with consideration of these Omni-directional skill requirement.

Product development at ECSATECH

Along with on-demand software development, ECSATECH is developing a ready to use software product suite. We utilize our experience of software system development to create generalized models which can be used as instantly deploy-able software components.

We are emphasizing on reusing the knowledge of business processes and bringing it together in an organised software systems. These systems can become extremely helpful for the customers who are already aware about the process and want to go-live as quickly as possible.

Connect with us

Write us your queries at service@ecsatech.com