Agile software development method for managing project

Make a difference with a different approach

World of Information and Technology has experimented with various software development approaches. Those include the traditional models like waterfall model. Rigorous development on overcoming the limitations of these models have brought a sophisticated method of software development and delivery which is now widely known as Agile software development cycle.

We at ECSATECH encourage customer to follow Agile SDLC throughout their project. It makes customer - developers interaction an important part of process. Engagement of customer and development team in every micro delivery helps both to get a realistic feedback, which builds a trust and confidence about project under development. Agile based project management systems are considered as the most efficient system for organizing a scalable project.


Process - In brief

  • Initial prototyping

    From very initial interaction with customer, ECSATECH will initiate an interactive sessions of communication. Many customers chose to build a small scale prototype. It helps them understand the feasibility of implementation. ECSATECH ExStudio helped to build hundreds of such prototypes. Take a look at some exciting prototypes we built at ExStudio.

  • High level project planning

    In some cases, development of prototype may gradually change perception of customers . Customer might choose to set revised milestones. Ultimately, an important planning session helps customer to get a high level view of their project. 

  • Implementation and delivery

    As the execution starts, we bring a sophisticated Agile software development methodology in picture to execute a project. We recommend customer or their representative to get involved in the project development so they can observe the progress of project. ECSATECH recommends industry leading CI/CD tools like Microsoft Team foundation server, Jenkins.


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