Case Studies

Building software processes for enterprise operations


Anand Mahle is one of the largest automotive parts manufacturing company. ESCATECH is working as IT vendor for Anand Mahle, assisting it in industry 4.0 revolution to optimize the process by developing a centralized monitoring system with help of IoT (Internet of Things). A thorough analysis of requirements and environment through multiple site visits and brain storming between client and ESCATECH, our engineers have now achieved a major milestone of developing a real time dashboard for entire floor to monitor multiple production lines.


Kamaxi Consultants is one of renowned Cruise Ship Recruiters with multinational presence. ECSATECH worked closely with Kamaxi for analysis of their in-house document processing system and to build a flexible and cost effective software system. Kamaxi was expecting to automate the entire process of document verification through this system.  ECSATECH  demonstrated the feasibility of this automation. The project evolved from a careful prototype design and a database model development through a rigorous analysis of the process.


As a leading eCommerce organisation, STAX electrical maintains B2B business with its commercial accounts. ECSATECH had undertaken the project of creating a platform to bring together these individual accounts. The project was delivered to bring a great saving of time as well as added an accountability to their B2B business. With a success in streamlining business of 500+ commercial accounts, STAX is now looking forward to transform its another outlet STAX appliances with ECSATECH.


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