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ExStudio is an important part of ECSATECH.  With experience of building more than 100 experimental as well as practical models, ExStudio has become an integrated unit under ECSATECH for R&D. These models are not just limited to standard enterprise programming; they are covering various sectors like IoT, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Machine learning etc.

ExStudio is also busy in developing some exciting new software products and start up ideas. Robust process of brain storming powered by experts knowledge is distinguishing key factor of ExStudio. Every project in this unit is recorded and documented as knowledge repository which helps upcoming projects in selection of best practices and to identify risks. Take a look at some exciting work examples and case studies undertaken by ExStudio.

Asset management

Asset management is developed by ExStudio as IoT based tracker for asset management. It is capable of collecting data from devices which function as clone of the asset. The collected data can be mapped on the virtual meters which are primary reporting features of the dashboard. Other than this, the system can generate the email notification based on the triggers collected by devices.
With in-built scripting feature allows users to write their own customized implementation of event triggers and workflows.

Product Configurator

The functional model of Product configuration is not new. It is available and implemented through out different industries and domains. ExStudio is trying to develop it beyond the basic configuration system and adding the Comprehensive UI with 2D or 3D interface. This can become very important for the customers who are selling product with complex configuration. It can become essential part of presentation or illustration but with availability to integrate with external systems and API.


ExStudio is experimenting in robotics for well known bin-picking problem. With the latest machine learning technologies, it has become possible to provide solution to these type of complex problems at considerably low cost. Latest hardwares for accelerated computation are also progressively bringing down the  time required for overall training and testing. ExStudio is looking forward to explore the other problems with robotics like automated guided system, bin-picking with 3d scanning etc.
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