Service Management by ECSATECH targets the general service cycle for fixed assets in an organization. Due to the configurability of the system, it can be modified and applied for more complex processes of service management and reporting. The customization framework behind the product assures a significant enhancement capability which makes it ideal candidate for digital transformation process.


Developed for small to medium business, Inventory management system is focused on managing the material storage and movement issue by enabling the packages with QR code. Its a relatively low cost module which takes care of the relevant transactions like invoice, sales order , purchase orders out of the box. instant update produced on dashboard about the movement of stock materials in inventory makes it very easy to take decision about overall business planning.


Subscriber management system is specifically made for the businesses which are based on recurring subscriptions. It will manage the payment accurately based on the subscription frequency. The module can be integrated with the payment gateway integration of your choice to make the process seamless. API of the same systems can be exposed on the website so the customers can chose their subscriptions and make payment online.