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Our Capabilities

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    Web and Mobile

    Mainstream web development technologies based on windows and linux operating systems with popular frameworks - Microsoft C#.MVC Net, Java Enterprise Edition,  Python Django. Development for native mobile platforms - Android and iOS. Also, development for cross platforms like React native. 

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    Microcomputers and controllers

    Programming focused on hardware's such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, similar microcomputer. PLC, Robotics programming - applicable mostly for industrial automation and monitoring services. Implementation also includes sensors integration and digital signal processing. 

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    Data Analysis and machine learning

    Growth of large IT systems has unleashed possibility to recognize the patterns in the collected data. This evolving technology is helping businesses with new ways to understand their process and also their market. Data science is radically changing the strategy decision and a perception towards the market competition. Statistical analysis of data can unfold new dimensions of a specific section. On top of that, Machine learning works amazingly like smart intelligence.

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    For a project under development, software testing is only a service to ensure that the defects are under control. But testing can be more than that. We offer exciting capability of automation testing along with manual testing. Well known tools like selenium are already in skill list at ECSATECH, but we also welcome opportunities with our experience with tools like CodedUI, QuickTest Professional, Appium for mobile testing and similar tools. ExStudio can assist with checking feasibility of automation in your project.


ECSATECH is performing in different domains and utilizing skills with diversity. Here are the domains we worked.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing and industrial organisation demands highly engineered computer application. Precise computing and optimized performance are key factor in these application. This domain is highly likely to implement hardware programming and IoT.

  • E-commerce

    ECommerce is one of the largest business domain which is focused on mass market. Every system behind these businesses needs scalability at core. Any eCommerce can have potential of exponential growth. Obviously the software application backing these kind of model needs to have agility to handle the change at any stage.

  • Education

    Education sector is experiencing rapid digital transformation. Emerging technologies like Augmented reality are changing the way learners are receiving the education. Powerful learning management system and intuitive content production are two most important factors of delivering software application for education system.

  • Telecommunication

    Telecommunication is one of the largest business domain which needs continuous upgrade according to latest communication innovations and consumers choice. This sector is taking advantage of many of the new technologies including Internet of things. Domain specific skill requirement makes it highly competitive business model for a software organisations.

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